Ways to Earn Side Income

Do you want to generate some extra Cash ? Who doesn’t ?  This article will show simple ways to earn side income.

Everyone wants to earn more money than than their regular job so we can enjoy even more. We are living in the world where Money is never enough and almost everyone feels they are few bucks short. This feeling of Money Shortage gives the birth of Side Income.

Side Income is the money or income, which everyone wants to add as an extra pile of $$$$. Side income should never be intended to be part of main stream income to meet basic needs. There are endless opportunities for earning Side Income. Some of these ways simply involve working part time or as a hobby, for instance. Don’t forget the simple luck-based ways of making side income.

In this article, I am going to list easy ways to earn Side Income so we can earn more. These simple ways does not need physical labor or special skills.

Garage Sale

This is the most popular and easiest way to generate some quick extra CA$H. It also helps to get rid of many of your belongings which you haven’t used for a long time and you don’t intend to use. In essence, you simply need all the appropriate items, your garage / yard and a sunny day to start generating some extra CA$H in your pocket.

Online Surveys

Taking Online surveys cost you nothing more than simply using your computer and few minutes of your time. This is another good way of making a little extra CA$H. For instance, there are tons of companies who look for individuals who are willing to participate in online surveys and in return they pay CA$H. Please do make sure you use your due diligence to choose the right online survey companies because there are many spammers. Doing some research using Google and reading Privacy policies of the survey offering sites will help you to select legitimate survey sites.

Auction Antique Items

Most of us carry antique stuff from the grandparents or great-grandparents. For some, the antiques might be worth old memories but many others might be just keeping it. For those falling in latter category, it might make sense to explore the option to auction these items. There are many museums, collectible agencies and even individuals who might pay you way more than you could ever imagined.

Domain Name Reselling

This might sound awkward, but there is a big market of domain names buying & selling similar to stock exchange in this online world. Simply think of creative domain names and register a domain name for yourself for dirt cheap price. After that simply put the domain name for auction in domain selling sites like Sedo. You might get lucky and find a lucrative offer for your creativity in your inbox. For example, please check out the most expensive domain names sales in history by clicking here.

Participate in Sweepstakes

It doesn’t cost a single dime to join an online sweepstakes. There are numerous online sweepstakes available all the time so you are free to pick and chose. It simply takes just few minutes to submit your entry and you might get lucky and win some good fortune.

Buy Lottery (Hope to Hit the Jackpot)

I personally don’t like gambling but its worth spending a dollar for a chance to win millions because lady luck can shine on anyone and hitting Jackpot is really a serious money on a single dollar bet. You can’t be a winner if you don’t buy a lottery ticket, so do buy the ticket if you can afford it. There is no need to spend crazy $$$$s on lotteries because one single ticket is all you need to hit the Jackpot. 

Provide Friendly Advice

There are so many folks out there who seek for advice in everyday matters and look for the right person to guide them. If you think that you have consulting skills, you can offer your friendly advice to the ones who really need it. You will get paid for your offerings and also someone will feel good to find the right path in his/her decision making process.

Professional Mourners

They are officially called MOIROLOGISTS. This profession is one of the oldest professions in history but still unknown to many of us. You simply need to to be sad and mourn professionally for someone who hires you and in return you get decent upfront payment. Does it sounds awkward? Simply search the keyword Rent a Mourner” in Google, and you will find tons of agencies and websites that offer job as professional mourner across the globe. Good Luck.

Professional Sleepers

How sweet is that if you get paid to offer services like comfortably sleeping on a brand new mattress. Many beds & mattresses companies do employ and hire employees termed as Professional Sleepers. You just need to sleep tight and let researchers test the level of comfort as part of their analysis and review of new beds & mattresses by simply measuring your heart rate and other similar measures while you are sleeping. 

Save the Money

Last but not the least is to simply try to Save Money wherever your can. A Penny saved is a Penny Earned. Always look for savings all around you, in terms of coupons, deals, rebates and use them to save you money. The more you save by leveraging discounted deals instead of paying the retail prices, the more extra ca$h you will have in your pocket.

Please keep in mind that not everyone will benefit or can generate additional income from the list I mentioned above. However, I am hoping that the list will help many of us who simply want to try something new and exciting in hopes of making side income.

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