Greed for Green

Greed for Green is the new trend around the world. We all like Green – No doubts about it.

Green Environment…

The Greed for green can be found everywhere. Whether it is about fighting pollution, global warming, making money ($$$$) or even simply promoting peace , everyone somehow relates it to the GREEN WAY. It makes perfect sense to relate everything with Green.

Green might be the second favorite color among world population (after PINK, of course because Pink lovers cannot be underestimated all over the world ). 

Green is not just a color – it is also a symbol of prosperity. We have green $$$$ bills and every one loves them. Most of the land is filled with green plants and trees, the favorite green tea and the incredible HULK.

We also have green capitalists, green environmentalists and also the Green Card (controversial for some and popular for others). The list is never ending and we will not be surprised to see a Green Human soon.

With so much GREEN all around us, it is obvious for everyone to lean towards getting green. From the beggar to highly efficient professional, everyone works for earning the green $$$$. But 90% of us who work towards earning green, simply and sadly earn to spend. (I am also one of those who Earn to Spend and make our living.)

The Greed for Green…

It is the remaining 10% who earn to collect and keep it growing rather than spending. This is what I define as the GREED for GREEN.

This green greed has been so powerful and historically proven that we can safely say that the most extraordinary success happens because of the greed for green, whether it is in the form of land (for the Great Napoleon) ; oil, war and $$$$s (for USA) ; The financial meltdown, increasing gap between the RICH and the POOR are all the simple and sweet examples of the greed to get more and more greener.

Though every green success (a.k.a. greed) occur on the cost of destruction and losses of others, we only care for claiming the GREEN SUCCESS and continue to be even more greedy (or in my terms more greener).

The Greed for Green is the new era of success and it is becoming more powerful everyday. I encourage all visitors to use their collective powers to create friendly environment and enjoy the Billions of green $$$$s.

See you all soon. It will be nice to see some greedy comments here….

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