Money is the New Honey

Money – The new Honey

Yes, you read it right – Money (and NOT your loved one) is the new Honey !!!!

Honey used to be…. but the trend is shifting towards Money now.

Those days are gone, when the beloved Wife or the Girl Friend were referred as the Honey. In this new era Money has undoubtedly replaced any possible beloved ones in most of the cases and for majority of folks around the globe.

Whether it is about Marriage, Divorce or simply Hanging out on a Hot Blind Date, it is somehow tied to the amount of $Money$ your significant other half has. Nowadays the unconditional love is only found in historical documentaries or in old movies. If Money is not involved then there is literally no relationship, no hot/blind dates and even no productive business deals. The power of Money doesn’t just stop here. It goes way beyond the limits and ultimately leads to tragically sad outcomes. For instance, cheating loved ones, hurting feelings and breaking relationships are some of the commonly known examples.

It has already been statistically proven that most Divorce happen to get a big $$$$ out of it. There are hardly any true love these days without extra monetary strings attached to it. For instance, a married couple with age difference of over 60 years, is a NO-BRAIN example of the Money Magic.

This Money-Honey combination is not always a curse, its a blessing for many as well. Without having stack of Money, one cannot imagine to re-marry at the age of 80 years with a beauty queen. A wish for a space trip, living a lavish lifestyle OR simply Fishing is not possible without Money. None of these are possible unless you don’t opt Money as your best mate a.k.a. Honey.

I am anxiously waiting to see when HONEYMOON will be termed as MONEY-MOON. Valentine’s Day will soon be focused on making more Money than spending $$ on roses. Those days are not far away, when the blind dates will officially be called as Paid Dates.

Honestly I don’t want any of this to be true. But sadly , Money is taking over all the emotions, feelings and love we have for our significant loved ones.

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